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Victor is the founder of MUMU (now MLUG) and a self employed IT consultant. His company, GeekIT Consulting Inc., specializes in Linux, and for the past few years, in the deployment of an open systems supply chain solution by Manhattan Associates.  
Victor started using Linux in 2004 while working as a network support rep for 3Com. It quickly became a passion for him. His initial experience, like most Linux user enthusiast, was home based. He would spend hours and weekends building NAS, Apache and media servers, BSD firewalls and other "goodies". At some point his network was bigger than most small business (you can view it here). 
Around 2007 he started a personal Linux blog at The blog was a bigger success than he expected, with an average of 3400 visits per month. 
In 2008 Victor decided to make a career out of his passion and enrolled for a Linux/Unix administration course at Seneca College. This was around the same time he created MUMU (you can read more about MLUG/MUMU here). Victor is also Certified in A+, Network+ and LPI-1.


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